Problem with ADO connection

Steve Bergman steve at
Sat May 29 09:52:16 CDT 2004


Thank you for the response.  Unfortunately, this problem was
inadvertantly introduced by me as I was troubleshooting.  The file had
been renamed.  I have done a reinstall to avoid further confusion.  I am
attaching the relevant section of "+relay, +loaddll" output with that
problem corrected.  I hope that MIME attachedments are considered polite
on this list.  If not, please let me know.  

The symptom is the same: no ADO connection.


> This looks like the problem:
> |000d:Call ntdll.LoadLibraryExA(40a02234 "C:\\Program Files\\Common
> |Files\\System\\ADO\\msado15.dll",00000000,00000008) ret=40c17e5a
> |000d:Ret  ntdll.LoadLibraryExA() retval=00000000 ret=40c17e5a
> Make sure the file exists. If it does run with +relay,+module and see if
> there are more error messages at this point.
> Rein. 

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