[Wine]program install error

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Mon Nov 1 10:52:29 CST 2004

Timothy Payne wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 09:20, Duane Clark wrote:
>>Timothy Payne wrote:
>>>The program seemed to install fine until it wanted to write to the start
>>Normally that should not matter. It is not clear to me what error you 
>>are referring to. Does the installed program work?
> No

Well, if you wanted to actually try to figure out what is wrong, you 
would want to post as much info as you can think of. Like in this case, 
seeing if the program appears to be installed; look at the installation 
directory, and maybe compare to a Windows installation. Always, info 
like Wine version, OS, and program name are useful. As are any messages 
printed by Wine.

>>>Another question, how do I start the GUI front end for wine?
>>Err... GUI front end? ;)
> winefile, found it?!

Oh well, I've been using Wine for almost 5 years and was unaware of 
winefile ;) There are probably several pieces in Wine I don't know about.

> I've never found a program to work under wine, even as simple as
> notepad...

Then you have a fundamental problem on your system (assuming you are 
running Linux, and not something like BSD). As mentioned, I have been 
using Wine for 5 years. And that is with quite a few complex programs. 
For that entire period, I have been using it to run a half dozen or so 
engineering programs, along with the occasional "fun" program.

Since you provided no info, it is hard to guess what might be wrong. A 
fairly common problem when nothing works, is that you have parts of two 
different Wine installations around, and they are conflicting.

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