[Wine]WSARecv not calling CompletionRoutine on socket close

Geoff K. Hart ghart at siemens-emis.com
Mon Nov 1 14:32:47 CST 2004


I've tried to search the mailing list archives (is their
a searchable archive someplace?) for some reference to this
problem. but found none.  Forgive me if I didn't search
hard enough.

The Problem:

we register a callback (lpCompletionRoutine) in our WSARecv
call.  This callback works fine for normal incoming messages.
However, on socketclose, it does NOT get called.

This behavior doesn't match what we see on Windows.

Is there some configuration option we are missing?

We see this same behavior for .exe's built on Windows and
run under Wine - and with source code brought to Linux and
built with WineLib.


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