[Wine]Quicken fonts

Marc Williams marcw at onlymooo.com
Wed Nov 3 09:39:06 CST 2004

Mark Knecht wrote:
> On Tue, 02 Nov 2004 20:54:50 -0600, Marc Williams <marcw at onlymooo.com> wrote:
>>Very small.  And for me, virtually unreadable.  They certainly look much
>>better, and bigger, in real Windows.  Any suggestions?
> This is all a guess. Take it for what it's worth. I was going to
> suggest that you run Quicken in the wine debugger trapping fonts
> script q2001-fonts
> WINEDEBUG=+font wine quicken
> run for awhile, then close Quicken.
> exit script and then take a look at the script file. Possibly you'll
> find some info about font substitutions that will guide you toward
> what fonts are missing, etc. and then you can adjust from there.
> All a guess though. This is the sort of stuff I've been doing. Hasn't
> produced a lot of good results, but I've seen a few interesting
> things.

Thanks for the suggestion.

This produces quite the prodigious output.  Frankly, I wouldn't have a 
clue where to start looking for an answer in the resulting 53MB file. 
You mentioned substitutions so here is one output (sorry about any poor 

[marcw at fred marcw]$ grep -i subst q20*
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Arial CE,238"="Arial,238"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Arial CYR,204"="Arial,204"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Arial Greek,161"="Arial,161"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Arial TUR,162"="Arial,162"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Courier New CE,238"="Courier New,238"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Courier New CYR,204"="Courier New,204"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Courier New Greek,161"="Courier New,161"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Courier New TUR,162"="Courier New,162"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Helv"="Arial"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Helvetica"="Arial"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "MS Shell Dlg"="Tahoma"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "MS Shell Dlg 2"="Tahoma"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Times"="Times New Roman"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Times New Roman CE,238"="Times New Roman,238"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Times New Roman CYR,204"="Times New Roman,204"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Times New Roman Greek,161"="Times New 
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Times New Roman TUR,162"="Times New Roman,162"
trace:font:LoadSubstList Got "Tms Rmn"="Times New Roman"
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Arial CE":238 -> L"Arial":238
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Arial CYR":204 -> L"Arial":204
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Arial Greek":161 -> L"Arial":161
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Arial TUR":162 -> L"Arial":162
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Courier New CE":238 -> L"Courier New":238
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Courier New CYR":204 -> L"Courier New":204
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Courier New Greek":161 -> L"Courier New":161
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Courier New TUR":162 -> L"Courier New":162
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Helv" -> L"Arial"
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Helvetica" -> L"Arial"
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"MS Shell Dlg" -> L"Tahoma"
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"MS Shell Dlg 2" -> L"Tahoma"
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Times" -> L"Times New Roman"
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Times New Roman CE":238 -> L"Times New Roman":238
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Times New Roman CYR":204 -> L"Times New 
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Times New Roman Greek":161 -> L"Times New 
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Times New Roman TUR":162 -> L"Times New 
trace:font:DumpSubstList L"Tms Rmn" -> L"Times New Roman"
trace:font:WineEngCreateFontInstance substituting L"MS Shell Dlg" -> 
trace:font:WineEngCreateFontInstance substituting L"MS Shell Dlg" -> 
trace:font:WineEngCreateFontInstance substituting L"Helv" -> L"Arial"
[marcw at fred marcw]$

I don't really know enough to know what I'm supposed to be looking for. 
  But I'm certainly open to any other suggestions.

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