[Wine]Quicken fonts

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Wed Nov 3 10:46:05 CST 2004

Marc Williams wrote:
> I just installed Quicken 2001 using the 0914 version of Wine built from 
> source code on my Fedora Core 2 machine.  I followed the Quicken install 
> instruction #2 on Franks Corner site.  The installation went fine and 
> everything seems to work well.  But some of the fonts are unreadable.
> Here is a screen shot of what I am referring to (the problem fonts are 
> circled):
> http://onlymooo.com/Screenshot.png
> I added the VGASYS.FON, SSERIFE.FON, and SERIFE.FON fonts as described 
> in http://winehq.org/site/docs/wine-user/config-fonts-main with no 
> difference.

Wine doesn't use .FON files, and I would be surprised if Quicken under 
Windows did either. Instead, try copying over all the .ttf files from a 
Windows installation to Wine. Wine does support TrueType fonts.

The current version of Wine has a few built in replacements for fonts, 
and perhaps these are too small (it seems like there have been several 
complaints lately). But if external TrueType fonts are found, Wine 
should use those.

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