[Wine]Quicken fonts

Marc Williams marcw at onlymooo.com
Wed Nov 3 14:55:18 CST 2004

Mark Knecht wrote:
> On Wed, 03 Nov 2004 14:19:33 -0600, Marc Williams <marcw at onlymooo.com> wrote:
>>>Duane Clark wrote:
>>>>... here is an attachment from Quicken 2002 Deluxe.
>>>Oops, here it is.
>>Indeed, all of my other sections besides "Online" look as good as your
> Just a wild question, but does this problem occur if you start Quicken
> without calling up your existing database? Very slim chance, but maybe
> the problem is somehow created because of the database itself?

Hmmm...  Well, ok.  I seem to have yet another issue.  In setting up a 
new .qdf in order to test your hypothisis, I discovered that Quicken is 
having trouble load IE.

Before installing Quicken I had installed IE.  It took a little doing, 
but I got it loaded and running well.  I start it by merely running 
"wine IEXPLORE.EXE".  Seems to work well.  But just now, in setting up a 
new .qdf, and specifically the "Online" section, Quicken insists on 
doing something that takes it out to the web, I guess.  At the bottom of 
the screen is a notice "Starting Browser..." or some such thing.  But it 
never starts.  I also attempted to Register this copy of Quicken.  The 
initial registration screen appears but hitting the "Continue" button 
make it disappear with no further action.  I suspect this is also web 

So not only do I have a minor font problem but I now seem to have a 
larger IE problem.  arrrrrrgh...

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