[Wine]Quicken fonts

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Wed Nov 3 15:26:48 CST 2004

Marc Williams wrote:
> I'm not sure, but I don't *think* button size is the factor.  On that 
> page I referenced, the leftmost circle is showing buggered fonts that 
> are not in a button.

It still could be that the allowed width even for this field is set 
within the program. But then again...

> I also noticed something else.  On the "Online" 
> page there are 4 different tabs - Transactions, Payments, Tansfers, 
> Email - and every one of the buttons on all of those pages are equally 
> buggered no matter how small or large the button is.  However, after 
> checking all of the other other pages and tabs in the whole program, I 
> couldn't find any other instance of non-readable fonts.  Just those in 
> the "Online" section.  And within that section there's a bunch of them.

Hmm.. I am not really very familiar with Quicken, and I can't figure out 
how to get to that section. Or maybe the version I have doesn't have it. 
But in general, I think you are getting the correct font, just not the 
right size. At least it looks like the same font to me. If that is the 
case, then changes in Wine font configuration probably won't fix it.

As a (very) wild guess, whoever wrote this section of the Quicken 
program has a style of code writing that triggers the behavior in Wine. 
That would be rather hard to track down, I suspect.

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