[Wine]Quicken fonts

Marc Williams marcw at onlymooo.com
Wed Nov 3 21:27:17 CST 2004

Mark Knecht wrote:
>>>Would you have an idea of what to look for?  I've got time but am
>>>ignorant of exactly what would be useful.  Thanks for any pointers!
>>I don't know what will show up in your file but maybe as a first step
>>search for any of the text strings on that page:
>>Cleared Transactions

Yup, a few lines of each.

>>and see if they are there. If so maybe there is info around them about
>>the font that's being chosen? Search for some strings that render well
>>whether the bad ones show up or not.
>>Look at the enviromental variables page. Maybe you'll get an idea
>>about other info to trap instead of just the font stuff.

I think I'd have to know quite a bit more than I do to be able to 
*intelligently* use *any* of them.

> As a learning experiment I tried running Notepad as you are running
> Quicken and looking at the info. In the first part of the file I find
> long lists of fonts that Wine is discovering and putting into lists,

> trace:font:GetTextMetricsW text metrics:^M
>     Weight = 400         FirstChar = 32  AveCharWidth = 5^M
>     Italic =   0         LastChar = 65532                MaxCharWidth = 30^M
>     UnderLined = 0       DefaultChar = 0         Overhang = 0^M
>     StruckOut = 0        BreakChar = 32  CharSet = 0^M
>     PitchAndFamily = 27^M
>     --------------------^M
>     InternalLeading = 3^M
>     Ascent = 11^M
>     Descent = 3^M
>     Height = 14^M
> So, I guess my thought is that your 53MB file is probably holding some
> info that would help, but as Duane says it's probably going to be
> difficult to dig out.

Yes, I have many (thousands?) of lines like these.  I tried comparing 
the sections surround the bad text entries to those surround some "good" 
text entries.  I can't see any meaningful difference.  At least 
meaningful to me.  It might be staring me in the face though and I might 
not notice.  If I had debugged for more than just fonts (how big would 
*that* file be?) there might be other useful info.  I just don't know.

I think I'm realizing that it is fairly pointless for me to attempt any 
form of debugging with wine.  It takes a knowledge level that I simply 
don't possess.  I believe that I'll just have to deal with a real 
Windows partition for awhile longer.

> I have a similar one I'm trying to learn about. One app that doesn't
> display the menues correctly. There is attachment to this bug report
> that I'm trying to figure out:

Best of luck with this and thanks for your help.

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