[Wine]Running an exe from within a wined exe

Helder Carvalho Helder.Carvalho at iscte.pt
Thu Nov 4 18:22:53 CST 2004


I'm using Wine to run on linux, an application build with vc++ 6.0. I've got
no problems running it, except when i try to create a child process to call
a a different executable that performs tasks needed to the main process, I
get no error or system failure, the process simply fails to be created..
The code i've done to do this is shown below. Do i need to invoke wine on
the command line (which i've done with no better results) again or is it
something more complex?

Thanks in advanced,

Helder Carvalho
CString commandLine;

commandLine = "\""+workingDirectory+"\\jpsec.exe\" -i "+textNameFolder+"
-urng "+resultFile+"";

// Converts CString to 'const char*' to further covert to LPSTR

const char* comLine;

int n = commandLine.GetLength();

comLine = commandLine.GetBuffer(n);

// Start the child process.

if( !CreateProcess(NULL,

//Example "\"JPSecWin32\\jpsec.exe\" -i .\\..\\..\\JPSecWin32\\lenna_enc.jp2
-o .\\..\\..\\JPSecWin32\\temp5.jp2 -k .\\..\\..\\JPSecWin32\\keys.txt
-dec", // No module name (use command line).

LPSTR(comLine), // Command line.

NULL, // Process handle not inheritable.

NULL, // Thread handle not inheritable.

FALSE, // Set handle inheritance to FALSE.

0, // No creation flags.

NULL, // Use parent's environment block.

NULL, // Use parent's starting directory.

&si, // Pointer to STARTUPINFO structure.

&pi ) // Pointer to PROCESS_INFORMATION structure.



AfxMessageBox("CreateProcess failed." );


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