[Wine]Crossover and Free/Wine

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 09:10:03 CST 2004

On Fri, 5 Nov 2004 09:32:20 +0200, David Baron <d_baron at 012.net.il> wrote:
> On Thursday 04 November 2004 20:11, wine-users-request at winehq.org wrote:
> > They include some that work, like Native Instruments
> > Battery, and many that don't, like Native Instruments Reaktor,
> > Steinberg's Groove Agent, Tascam's GigaStudio, etc.
> A bit ambitious, aren't we? Does "Battery" work in a useful manner--that is,
> can be used for its intended music production purpose? Just because it does
> not crash and the screen looks like it should, this does not mean it really
> works.

Battery is the one that really works and works well.

Reaktor has a menu problem (Bug in Bugzilla now) that makes it useless. 

Crystal and other small VSTs working very well. 

Groove Agent - GUI is perfect, but no sound and under Alsa it doesn't
seem to sync to anything. It jsut free runs. I don't know how to debug
it yet so I'm trying to get the kind folks to teach me more. Groove
Agent would be a big win.

GigaStudio - dies during the install IIRC. Bug in Bugzilla.

Almost all of these are using jack_fst with the patch that Walt and
Duane helped me with. WIthout the patch they work the same in

> I have found a handful of MIDI apps that will function, sort of, in Wine.
> Something like GigaStudio which needs a machines full processing power, I
> simply would not dream of running through an emulater. Most of my sound stuff
> simply will not run in Wine and probably should not. I am still stuck in
> "native" Windows for this work.

GigaStudio is currently on a 500MHz P3 Win ME box. Wine on a 3GHz P4
Mobile sounds like it could/should be as fast or faster, I think.
We'll see...

Yes - I understand. I'm primarily Pro Tools based. It's hardware runs
over 1394, so I'm hopeful that one day, possibly, I might have a
chance of trying it under Wine.


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