[Wine] running OrCAD with wine

Joaquín Fernández joaquin at casadealabanza.org
Fri Nov 5 11:16:52 CST 2004


 >I'm evaluating Eagle, but at first look it seems very "simple".  I continue to
 >learn and evaluate it but it take quite a lot of time.

 >Instead I would start as soon as possible with Linux and one solution would be
 >OrCAD (that I know well) running with WinE.

I have used Eagle several times and it is very good program (in windows, the GUI of program is more 
nice than Linux :s). I have been able to make many small designs with it. In Linux there are some 
apps for electronics, gEDA is a good tools and PCB too. You can read the follow article 

But if you want OrCAD, please debug the program and post the output from debugger, may be we can 
help you.



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