[Wine]How to make C drive to point to /usr/share/wine-c

Göran Uddeborg goeran at uddeborg.se
Sat Nov 6 04:22:59 CST 2004

Holly Bostick writes:
> That is not necessarily true. Wine is a per-user app; every user has 
> their own Wine Registry, with the list of installed apps for that user.
> So one user installing App A is not going to tell the Wine Registry of 
> any other user that App A is installed. The other user will have to 
> install the application as well.

How is that handled with in a real Windows environment with networked
filesystems?  If an application is installed on a file server and made
available to several machines that way, how are the necessary registry
entries propagated to any machines using it?  (Apart from the one
where the installation was made.)

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