[Wine]Problem with write permissions

James E. Lang jelly at ktb.net
Wed Nov 10 00:56:43 CST 2004

Pegasus Mail (PM) v4.21c in Linux (SuSE Pro v9.1)/Wine (v20040914) environment.

My New Mail mailbox in PM is in one FAT32 (VFAT) partition and I have another 
added mailbox in another FAT32 partition. From time to time (not consistent) I 
have a problem with either or both of these partitions appearing to become 
write only in the middle of a session during which I am filtering new mail. (If 
the added mailbox is affected it was also a target of a rule to move a message 
from New Mail Folder.) The fault occurs after after moving and/or deleting two 
messages up to several hundred messages. There is no pattern. I can verify the 
fault following one of these sessions by attempting to copy a file to the 
affected partition. When I do so, I am informed that permission is denied. 
OTOH, all attempts to display the permissions ("mount" or "ls -l") show that I 
ought to be able to perform the copy.

I have no clue what debug mode to invoke for Wine. Maximum debug tracing is 
much too big (in excess of 1GB) to be of any value at all especially since they 
are not time stamped and I also know of no way to turn it on and off 
dynamically. I have inserted diagnostic messages into the PM filtering rules 
(which is a pain to deal with) and I cannot see anything unique about what is 
being done when this problem occurs.

Sometimes I can unmount the partition and mount it again to clear the problem 
and other times I need to reboot the computer to clear it. Again, I can see no 

During new mail filtering, the rule set is processed for *each* message in the 
New Mail Folder -- one after the other. It starts with the first rule in the 
rule set and progresses sequentially down through the rule set. This 
progression through the rules is modified as would be expected by the "Goto", 
"Call", "Return", and "Skipnext" rules. The rule processing for a particular 
message ends when a "Move", "Delete", or "Exit" rule is invoked or when the 
bottom of the rule set is reached. 

I have tagged the start and end of each message's processing by inserting a 
"Dialog" rule in my New Mail rule set (winrules.pmc) as the first rule and 
another as the rule immediately preceeding each "Move", "Delete", or "Exit" 
rule. As constructed, my rule set will not permit processing to drop out the 
bottom. The first "Dialog" rule displays the name of the file that the rules 
are processing. The other "Dialog" rules display the word "Line" and the number 
of the line that contains the rule that should end the processing for that 
message. I have been very careful to apply exactly the same conditions to the 
Dialog rule as exist for the rule to which it refers.

Here is a sample sequence of Dialog Messages.

File: pt7q1qin.cnm
Line 479
File: pt547c3c.cnm
Line 730
Line 219
File: pt4sxc0p.cnm
Line 724
Line 216
File: pt3lz6y7.cnm
Line 475
File: pt2hlrpw.cnm

Processing should never proceed beyond line 724 or line 730 since their 
conditions are met and thus lines 216 and 219 should not appear in this list. 
Both line 724 and line 730 move a message to the "added" mailbox. In this case, 
the receiving partition was the one with the problem and PM appears to have 
detected the problem though it took the wrong action by not reporting the error 
and by falling through to the next rule. If the problem applies to the sending 
partition (the one from which the message needs to be deleted) then PM 
repeatedly attempts to process the same message endlessly (again with no 
notification). Had this been the problem at the top of the example above, the 
sequence of messages would have been this:

File: pt7q1qin.cnm
Line 479
File: pt7q1qin.cnm
Line 479
File: pt7q1qin.cnm
Line 479
File: pt7q1qin.cnm

I have no idea what kind of an error condition is causing Wine to block access 
to the partition. I do know that PM is not handling the blocked access at all 

I believe that there are problems to be addressed in both pieces of software.

I am sending this message to both support lists.



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