[Wine]Problem with Keyboard & Mouse while start game

Владимир Илиев peroludiarom at abv.bg
Wed Nov 10 11:24:36 CST 2004

 >Ok, now let eveyone pull the details out of your nose. I will start.
 >1) Which keyboard and mouse do you use and do they work in Linux?
 >2) Do you use a Windows partition (dual-boot setup)?
 >3) Which games are you talking about?
 >4) Do other Windows applications like notepad work?
 >5) What is in your ~/.wine/config?
 >6) You cared to post your question twice, but you 
 >     didn't care to submit any details, why is that?

1) my keyboard is compaq(normal ps/2keyboard) and my mouse is Genius NetScroll+ Eye ps/2 and they work perfect in linux.
2)Yes i have a Windows partition with Win98se
3)I?m talking about Fallout2, Icy Tower(when this game is in window mode my mouse is working normal in linux , but don?t work in game window). I try only this 2 games at this time but i think this is enough .The Games run normal the mouse & keyboard don?t work.
4)other windows applications works normal(dreamweaverMX, photoshop7, solitaire, notepad)
5) My ~/.wine/config is original.
6)sorry for that i post my question twice, but in the second post i put more details..my wine version ..
7)after this problem i try to fix by installing dcom98 dcom95.
sorry for my broken english.
8)i attach my config file to this mail
9)10x for Help

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