[Wine]Running Photoshop on a relatively old PC

Miikka Leskinen miikkaleskinen at mailforce.net
Sun Nov 14 01:43:38 CST 2004

For several months I've been thinking about moving to Linux operating
system. This would resque our old machine which is getting left behind
when it comes to hardware (and it would also put fun back into
computing). The problem is that if I convert the only machine our family
has to Linux, it would mean that an important program, Photoshop, which
we use everyday has to be abandoned. This can't be the case since my
father is a busy professional photographer, and he uses the somewhat
ancient Photoshop 5 LE everyday. He can't be forced to use GIMP because
PS 5 is the same program they use at work (...why not PS 7 or something
newer, don't ask me).

My question is, does Photoshop run on Wine? If it does, what sort of
problems does it have? Will the performance of a somewhat older PC
suffer greatly?

Sorry but FAQs and documentations aren't enough to answer this question.
I need to hear user experiences about this. Converting the whole
computer to another OS is a huge step and it's very risky business in
our case. Unfortunately, we can't even dual-boot because of lack of disk

Another option would be buying a brand new PC with Windows XP, Photoshop
7 etc. But I'd like to have another options.

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