[Wine]Does a user need to join wine-devel?

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 15:29:50 CST 2004

On Mon, 15 Nov 2004 15:14:49 -0500, James Hawkins <truiken at gmail.com> wrote:
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> > >    I found yet another example of an app that works in old wine
> > > versions and is broken in new wine versions yesterday.
> What is the app, and with what version of wine does it run successfully?
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> James Hawkins

Mike & James,
   Hi. OK, I'll join wine-devel and hope that I can make a small
difference. I have no intent to just list bugs and use up bandwidth.
Rather I really want to get linked up with someone who's interested in
getting some of these music applications working better.

   Sunday afternoon I found that Acid Pro 2.0 will run under
wine-20040505 but fails under wine-20041019. I have not had an
opportunity to do regression testing to figure out exactly where it
started failing but the error message is during install and the
problem is that the newer Wine doesn't have a 'new enough version of
Direct X Media', whatever that is. I will do regression testing to
figure out where it started failing if I have a >50/50 chance that
someone will pick up the task when I get there with the info.

   I have recently placed a number of new entries to the Wine Bugzilla
database, but the one that's of most interest to me is this bug:


This bug is basically that menus are not displayed. There is a small
.png file attached to that bug that shows the problem. This is the bug
I would most like to find a fix for but how to proceed with debugging
is beyond me. Anecdotally, this bug reminds me of a menu problem that
I've heard about being fixed on some versions of Crossover Office. (I
am a registered CXO user.) It is my hope that wine-20041019 has all of
the CXO fixes in it for items like this, but I somehow am not so sure.

   Previously I had a rather difficult problem. Some details are
listed in this bug:


Through regression testing I got down to the actual set of edits that
caused a problem with a Linux/Alsa program called 'jack_fst'.
Apparently jack_fst is a 'wine-lib' program (?) that allows Windows
VST's to run under Wine using Jack and Alsa. All of these programs
broke with this set of edits:


   At this, with great help from Duane and Walt, a hack was found to
jack_fst that allows them to run again. However, the Jack folks refuse
at this time to either investigate or include the hack and no one on
that side seems to want to debug the problem saying that Wine broke
something that was working previously. They seem content at the moment
to just require folks to use wine-20040505. I don't like that solution
at all.

   I have filed a number of other 'bugs' but I wasn't really asking
for fixes to all of them. Rather I was just putting the data in the
database in case those apps ever gained steam in the future so that
someone would know to write me. I have 5-10 other bugs I could put
into bugzilla but it seemed fairly clear that it wasn't worth the
effort to rush and do it so I'll enter them over the next few weeks.

   I hope this helps you understand a bit from my side. 


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