[Wine]Running Photoshop on a relatively old PC

M-Halo masochisthalo at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 16 17:52:12 CST 2004

Photoshop 7 runs near flawlessly:


--- Miikka Leskinen <miikkaleskinen at mailforce.net>

> For several months I've been thinking about moving
> to Linux operating
> system. This would resque our old machine which is
> getting left behind
> when it comes to hardware (and it would also put fun
> back into
> computing). The problem is that if I convert the
> only machine our family
> has to Linux, it would mean that an important
> program, Photoshop, which
> we use everyday has to be abandoned. This can't be
> the case since my
> father is a busy professional photographer, and he
> uses the somewhat
> ancient Photoshop 5 LE everyday. He can't be forced
> to use GIMP because
> PS 5 is the same program they use at work (...why
> not PS 7 or something
> newer, don't ask me).
> My question is, does Photoshop run on Wine? If it
> does, what sort of
> problems does it have? Will the performance of a
> somewhat older PC
> suffer greatly?
> Sorry but FAQs and documentations aren't enough to
> answer this question.
> I need to hear user experiences about this.
> Converting the whole
> computer to another OS is a huge step and it's very
> risky business in
> our case. Unfortunately, we can't even dual-boot
> because of lack of disk
> space.
> Another option would be buying a brand new PC with
> Windows XP, Photoshop
> 7 etc. But I'd like to have another options.
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