[Wine]Buggy libXrender.so?

Walt Ogburn reuben at ugcs.caltech.edu
Wed Nov 17 12:13:00 CST 2004

Hi Martin,

Thoughts from the peanut gallery...

I don't think that Wine is trying to open anything r/w in /usr/lib!  Your
user shouldn't have write privileges for files in /usr/lib, even if the
mount was r/w.

Maybe it's just that something has changed in xorg.  You might consider
trying to find where in the Wine sources that error message comes from,
and seeing what's involved in the "buggy version" detection.

You might have better luck with these questions on wine-devel.

Good luck,
- Walter

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Martin Widmark wrote:

> Hi list!
> I'm running wine-20040914 on a FC2-system.
> When I'm running "wine notepad" I get this error:
> > Wine has detected that you probably have a buggy version
> > of libXrender.so .  Because of this client side font rendering
> > will be disabled.  Please upgrade this library.
> I get a window, but it is all black.
> The libXrender.so file is from the xorg-x11-devel-6.8.1-12 rpm,
> and AFAIK there is nothing wrong with it.
> The root filesystem is mostly read only and my /home is rw nfs
> exported from my file sever. I've been wondering if maybe wine
> wants to open files rw in say /usr/lib, and it fails when it
> isn't allowed to do so due to the ro filesystem.
> Any ideas?
> Sincerely,
> --
> Martin Widmark
> AB TakeIT
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