[Wine]I've trashed my install

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sat Nov 20 11:12:08 CST 2004

Timothy Payne wrote:
> I upgraded from FC2 to FC3 and it broke the sym links to a: and the
> cdrom.  I couldn't get them back, then I deleted c: and z:, promptly
> asking myself "why did you just do that they worked fine"  The funny
> thing is my /mnt is empty, I can pop a CD in and it finds it but what
> did FC3 do with the entries in /mnt?
> I looked for the setup tool that I read was in ./tool but can't find it,
> where should I be looking?
> Unfortunately I've tried IE5, 6, Quick Books, File Maker Pro, and a
> game, with no success on any of them. 
> I did try to remove wine with rpm -e but on reinstalling it was the same
> as it was after I got through thrashing it:
> Warning: the specified Windows directory L"c:\\windows" is not
> accessible.
> Is anyone running wine on FC3?
> How do I start from scratch, or can it be fixed.

The "drives" in dosdevices are just symbolic links. You can recreate 
them by hand very easily. In a terminal window, just "cd" into the 
dosdevices directory and then execute:
ln -s ../drive_c c:
ln -s / z:

And for the cdrom and floppy, it sounds like from what James says that 
you would add them by doing:
ln -s /media/floppy a:
ln -s /media/cdrom d:

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