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Dan Sawyer dansawyer at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 21 17:07:35 CST 2004

Because there is a large 'market' to run MS apps in a managable 
environment. This is a user training issue issue.

Sylvain Petreolle wrote:

>Could you tell me what makes you want ie5/ie6 to run under Linux ?
> --- Olive Esseret <olive_esseret at yahoo.com> a écrit : 
>>Has anyone succeed to install Internet Explorer with wine-20041019 ? For 
>>what I have seen from winehq it should be possible but I have not 
>>succeeded. Which dlls and which config must I have ? I have tried with 
>>ie5 and ie6. I suspect I must have some native dlls but I do not know 
>>which and which config must I have.
>Sylvain Petreolle (spetreolle_at_users_dot_sourceforge_dot_net)
>humans are like computers - yesterday the BIOS was all - today its just a word
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