[Wine]WINE and Pre-compiled Path

David Gümbel david.guembel at itomig.de
Thu Nov 25 09:34:34 CST 2004


On Donnerstag 25 November 2004 11:27, Adam D wrote:
> I'm using WINE (the latest version) in Knoppix to run a Windows C-program
> (containing many files) I have designed in the past and it's working fine
> except for an important audio file that resides in a different path.
> Let's say the main program is in c:\a\b\ and the file is c:\a\file.xxx.
> Although I've made a few changes to the wine config file (Saved the
> original) and checked all paths (drive c and fake-windows), my program
> still cannot find file.xxx. 

I haven't fully understood where your program searches for that file 
normally, but if it's just one file, I'd propose making a symlink from the 
location where your app looks for file.xxx to its real location.


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