[Wine]Callus, Mame and other emulators

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Thu Nov 25 13:26:27 CST 2004

Mátételki Dénes wrote:
> Hi!
> I'd like to play with snes, arcade and other retro games, but unfortunatelly 
> there isn't any linux emus for this.

This is not true. I use Snes9x and ZSNES native; I also use FakeNES, 
FCEUltra and TuxNES (there are a few more NES emulators available 
native, but I don't remember which ones offhand), ScummVM (for old 
LucasArts games using the SCUMM engine), and while I don't play any MAME 
games, there are definitely native MAME emulators available, as well as 
C64 emulators and ATARI and Amiga emulators, not to mention DOS 
emulators like DOSbox, Bochs, and DOSemu.

So before attempting to debug this, perhaps you should check your 
distribution's repository more closely, as I think that emulating an 
operating system to run a program to emulate a console might just be 
going too far ;-).

Hope this helps.


> So I run the emutaltor callus with wine, with medius succes: Callus works 
> fine, everything is ok, but it uses 100% CPU, and becouse of that, the soung 
> goes wrongs somethimes.
> I don't know why it is takes so mutch work to wine... Callus emulate only 66 
> Mhz...
> The other windoz based emus doesn't even run with wine.
> How can I make then at least this callus work?
> Regards:
> Dénes
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