[Wine]WINE and Pre-compiled Path

Adam D adam_d35 at yahoo.ca
Thu Nov 25 19:58:03 CST 2004

Hi David,

Thanks a lot for your good tip but I was unable to get
any positive result. Maybe I did something wrong when
trying symlink. Anyway, I'll give you more info.
Main program path:
[wine proj5.exe] works fine.
This program needs to access an audio file in
So, proj5.exe and audio.wav are in different folders.
In fact, this wav file was a shared file placed in a
home folder for research purposes. Anyway,
when I run proj5.exe with wine, there's no access to
audio.wav. The error message as described in my code
indicates that the file was not found in the specified
path. I've played with it many times in Windows XP and
I was able to recontruct and fix the same PATH
problem. Following your advice, I've used the
following in the root:
ln -s /c:/owner /home/knoppix/.wine/c:/owner
Still  the same problem when running proj5.exe. Maybe
I did something wrong. Please remember, I'm still new
to Linux although I have an average knowledge in C and
C++. I'm rather good at designing complicated
algorythms. I love Maths & Physics, and Linux seems to
be the perfect operating system for my research.
So, any idea is more than welcome.
Thanks in advance.

 --- David Gümbel <david.guembel at itomig.de> wrote: 
> Hi,
> On Donnerstag 25 November 2004 11:27, Adam D wrote:
> > I'm using WINE (the latest version) in Knoppix to
> run a Windows C-program
> > (containing many files) I have designed in the
> past and it's working fine
> > except for an important audio file that resides in
> a different path.
> > Let's say the main program is in c:\a\b\ and the
> file is c:\a\file.xxx.
> > Although I've made a few changes to the wine
> config file (Saved the
> > original) and checked all paths (drive c and
> fake-windows), my program
> > still cannot find file.xxx. 
> I haven't fully understood where your program
> searches for that file 
> normally, but if it's just one file, I'd propose
> making a symlink from the 
> location where your app looks for file.xxx to its
> real location.
> David

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