[Wine]"winsock 2 not installed" error while installing Firebird (DBMS)

R. S. Patil kpr_rspatil at sancharnet.in
Thu Nov 25 23:22:39 CST 2004

Dear Friends,

I am using Fedora Core 3 and wine-0.20041019-1.rhfc3.nr.i386.rpm

I tried "wine Firebird-"
the setup process started normally in manged window mode
then a dialog popped up showing error
"winsock 2" not installed
would like to get that from M$ website
on normal win 95 machine the setup runs normally

what are the settings i need to do in config file.

The reason i need to install "Firebird Client" with
wine is to run some win32 application on Linux Machine
for which i dont have any source (legacy Application)

Thanks and Best Regards

R. S. Patil.

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