[Wine]WINE and Pre-compiled Path

David Gümbel david.guembel at itomig.de
Fri Nov 26 10:07:02 CST 2004

On Freitag 26 November 2004 02:58, Adam D wrote:
> Main program path:
> /home/knoppix/.wine/c:/owner/prog/proj5.exe

> [wine proj5.exe] works fine.

> This program needs to access an audio file in
> /home/knoppix/.wine/c:/owner/audio.wav

> So, proj5.exe and audio.wav are in different folders.
> In fact, this wav file was a shared file placed in a
> home folder for research purposes. Anyway,
> when I run proj5.exe with wine, there's no access to
> audio.wav. The error message as described in my code
> indicates that the file was not found in the specified
> path. I've played with it many times in Windows XP and
> I was able to recontruct and fix the same PATH
> problem. Following your advice, I've used the
> following in the root:
> ln -s /c:/owner /home/knoppix/.wine/c:/owner

I think it would have to be 

cd /home/knoppix/.wine/c:/owner/prog/
ln -s ../audio.wav

Like that you'll get an audio.wav in /home/knoppix/.wine/c:/owner/prog/, 
which is the proj5.exe's location, and as fas as I got you, your program 
looks there for audio.wav?

(Does your program look through the PATH environment variable's paths when 
looking for audio.wav, BTW?)


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