Stefan Munz stefan.munz at itomig.de
Mon Nov 29 09:03:23 CST 2004


Am Montag, 29. November 2004 15:21 schrieb Jérôme Brilland:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to run Wine 20041019 under Linux Mandrake 10.1. I get the
> following error :
> Exception raised
> Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x0000004c at address 0x006a692b
> Do you wish to debug it ?
> I don't know what to do ?

you should provide more information, otherwise I don't think that anyone here 
can help you. Did you install from source or rpm? Did you get any errors 
while installing? Which command causes the exception, can you run wine -v 
without an error?



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