[Wine]Log file with application running in wineconsole

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Mon Nov 29 10:48:12 CST 2004

Hiddo Super wrote:
> Hello,
> I still didn't find a solution to prevent a large logfile when using 
> wineconsole :-(
> I'm running a windows console (CUI) application using wineconsole and I
> noticed all screen output gets logged in /tmp/wine.log.*
> I turned of all debug channels with debugmesg -all, but it still logs the
> normal screen output of the application (minus the debugmessages). The
> problems is that my application generates a lot of output on the screen so
> the logfile gets really hughe(GB's) over time.
> I looked in the docs and did a google search, tried some things in the
> [debug] and [spy] sections of the config file, but I just can't find it yet
> or keep overlooking it....
> Hope anyone can give me some advice!

Have you tried redirecting the output to /dev/null? Something like:

wine myapp.exe >& /dev/null

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