[Wine]Flash MX and Wine ver. 20040813

M-Halo masochisthalo at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 5 18:31:37 CDT 2004

If you've followed the advice on the appdb, and if
you've also looked here
http://frankscorner.org/index.php?p=flashmx with no
luck, I'm not sure what else can be done.  I've
installed Flash MX with no problems on different
machines under Wine using those solutions - and it's
usually just a matter of installing the dcom file or 
dropping the stdole32.tlb file into your
fake_windows/system directory.

Well, there is one last thing I can recommend,
uninstall your version of Wine and recompile from
source.  Then try again.


--- Jakob Lund <jalun2 at edu.kts.dk> wrote:

> As I said I tried different versions - starting with
> the newest (20040914),
> I was experimenting with some older ones because I
> read that someone else
> had Flash running on for instance 20040408.
> The older versions format the debugging output
> differently, but the last
> error is the same in each version i've tried, like
> this:
> Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to
> 0x0000000a in 32-bit code
> (0x0048a991). In 32 bit mode.
> 0x0048a991: movswl      0xa(%eax),%ecx
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