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yes used rpm- 20040914-1fc1winehq... i do the rpm -ivh 

when i goto install say a windows exe i type wine " theprogram exe" and it goes thur a what seems to be a instlal of fonts then stops and redhat crashes yes it crashes.. locks rite up on me ...i have no clue what else to do i try a rpm -e program name and nuffin there to uninstall

how did you install it ? by rpms ?
I install wine on fedora core 2 with rpms... And it works fine..
It should create you a dir /usr/lib/wine...
and from there you can type in shell (console) wine name of the
application... as i have no windows apps I just get one from internet
notepad.exe like so runinng wine notepad.exe should run the appli...
if you have a good internet you can get opencarpet for redhat 9
(www.opencarpet.org) and you get all rpms necessary to install and work with
wine  :) 
hope it helps
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>> hello not sure rite list but here we go.... newbie to linux ... newbie
>> to wine ........ i try to install wine on rh9 ... not work ... i read
>> the docs on wine site ... to me not help ... where do i start and how do
>> i do this pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this is the only thing
>> stoppin me from learnin linux  ty for any help
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