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joaobr joao at wipmail.com.br
Fri Oct 8 18:19:54 CDT 2004

On Friday 08 October 2004 10:39, Alexander.Farber at nokia.com wrote:
> First, you need to learn to respect other people's time
> and describe your problems properly (not just whining
> "wine does not work" and waiting, that someone will pull
> the details out of your nose)

you know Alexander? You are wrong. I think nobody is not respecting
anyone's time, if you hadn't time you would not even answer.

And in fact the man is absolutely right. There is no place for
beginner to get a clue and still worse when they ask (or dare to say
something to the mighty guru) they get shitty offending answers like

Most people do not spend time and make money with programming like
you and me, they need to spend their time to make money in other
ways and do not have time left for reading manuals. I personally
(even if you are basicly right) think it is a null answer sending
somebody reading man or faq or books. That does not help anything.
In fact windows success is that you do not need to read a word and
that you can learn it at any school. There *nix is far behind. It
does not help a bit that we know (or say) *nix is better and on the
other side we offend newcomers sending them to shut up.


> Second, in the year you spent learning Linux, have you
> tried reading a book, like for example this one?
>  http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/runux4/
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> > ok will all i can say is this for a newbie on linux there is no
> > good place to start ... to learn it . 2nd there is no good place
> > to start to learn it 3rd and last there is no good oplace to
> > learn it... iam sorry but i think this is one of the biggest
> > problems with linux and any other thign to do with it there isnt
> > a place to start ... not one place i have been tryin for over a
> > year to get wine to work and no place to read on a start to
> > finish manul .. no place for good FAQ's no place for problems ..
> > sorry programmers there r smiple people out here we all cant
> > read ur manuls u write ..... oen person not on linux becuse of
> > one problem WINE removing myself form list thank u
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