[Wine]wine blocks my CPU

Philip Walderdorff ph.walderdorff at gmx.at
Sat Oct 9 09:17:44 CDT 2004

I am using wine-20040914-mdkdebug

# wine efwsetup.exe
brings the following errors and blocks my CPU, the PC slows down

 fixme:shell:Stream_WriteLocationInfo writing empty location info
 fixme:ole:OLEPRO32_DllRegisterServer not implemented (olepro32.dll)
 fixme:ole:RegisterTypeLib Registering non-oleautomation interface!
 fixme:ole:ITypeInfo_fnRelease destroy child objects
 fixme:ole:MSFT_ReadValue BSTR length = -1?

What is the reason?
My be a missing driver OLEPRO32_Dll ? I had downloaded this driver into the 
folder  ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system
where I found many other .dll-files but nevertheles the following errors came:

fixme:shell:Stream_WriteLocationInfo writing empty location info
fixme:ole:OLEPRO32_DllRegisterServer not implemented (olepro32.dll)
fixme:ole:RegisterTypeLib Registering non-oleautomation interface!
fixme:ole:ITypeInfo_fnRelease destroy child objects

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