John Wildberger wildberger at cogeco.ca
Sat Oct 9 19:54:56 CDT 2004

On Thursday 30 September 2004 03:43 pm, richard wrote:

> No Ive never bothered to build from SRC.
> Ive learn t from several years experience, that if there is a RPM for the
> distro your using to use it. Still some of the main distros use different
> library locations, and different locations for binaries. You need to be
> VERY careful when using tarballs, as you can install files where your
> system doesn't like them, I'm forever sorting a friend s machine out where
> he downloades apps as tarballs,and either builds or installs, only to
> overwrite a lib rendering another application useless.
> If you want to practice using some of the "gnu tools", try patching and
> rebuilding a kernel or two.
> As I said before ILP's RPM for Mandrake just drops in as sweet as a nut
> Richard
I won't dispute your experience with using tarballs, but I believe you have 
the wrong idea about the usage of GNU build tools. Patching and rebuilding 
kernels will not teach you anything about these tools. Have done it, been 
GNU build tools enable you to write software that is usable on a great variety 
of hardware , different platforms and incorporate language handling. The 
complexity is enormous and taunting  for the first time user. I am convinced 
that the builder of the tarball for wine-20040914 have missed some points 
that render it unusable for mandrake 10. It might work well for RedHat or 
other distros. So far I have not heard from anyone who was successful with 
A well written software with properly specified parameters for Automake and 
Autoconfig will not have the type of problems you described.

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