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* David Jones <gnome at hawaii.rr.com> [2004-10-08 20:52 -1000]:
> Hmm, as someone who made a living as a technical writer who mainly wrote 
> user documentation ... I too find the standard Linux documentation (what 
> is commonly available online and/or comes with Linux) I've read not very 
> accessible for newbies. It makes many assumptions about the readers' 
> background knowledge.

What do you think of the DOS-Win-to-Linux-HOWTO? I've recommended it to a
few people before, and they don't seem to have had too much trouble with the

At any rate, I think that "lack of documentation" is a bit of a null
argument these days, when most newbies know about WWW search engines.

> The best Linux book I've ever read (from a non-technical person's 
> viewpoint) is The CorelLinux Official Guide. While other Linux distros 
> have eclipsed CorelLinux in many ways, their user documentation hasn't.

Is CorelLinux still around? I haven't heard of it in years.

> Note: I haven't looked at the Orreilly book mentioned below, because 
> books are out of date before they even arrive on the shelf!

What does it matter if a book is out of date, if the information is still
useful? When I was first learning UNIX in 1996 (SunOS 4 at school and
Slackware 3 at home), the book I found most helpful was a 1983 McGraw-Hill
publication called _Introducing the UNIX System_ I'd picked up cheap from a
second-hand book store.
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