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* TKD <thekittydoctor at nycap.rr.com> [2004-10-09 17:50 -0400]:
> will folks. it is to bad that this had to go liek this... the point made 
> is this to me... unless u know more then nothing bout linux. do not join 
> a mailin list. as mailin list r for the programmers and a like... this 

That's what a development mailing list is for. This one is for users, like
you and me.

> has givin me a good idea tho thank u . i shall start my own mailin list 
> for newbies. where peope do not sit there and put people down. FOR WAYS 
> THEY TYPE. not all people can do perfect . as some of u have.

Good luck. I've seen people do things like this on other lists and it never
works out.

> 2nd not 
> all have the time to read manuals. as for windows funny thing is this .. 
> i do knwo windows and i do understand it very well.

Very good. Have you read the DOS-Win-to-Linux-HOWTO? It's probably on your system
in /usr/doc or /usr/share/doc, or you can find it on <http://tldp.org> (the Linux
Documentation Project).

> i have a home 
> network with 10 computers on it and built it my self. also using 
> smoothwall routeing software on a pc ... linux based "smoothwall" ..... 
> but u knwo something when i had problems learnin smoothwall and i join 
> there list they helped me out ..

Did you just go and ask for help like you did here, or did you describe the
problem in detail?

> they didnt trash me like u did al .... 
> so be it ... maybe u need to think bout what ur answer did here.... did 
> it help someone no..

Too bad. Perhaps he should have given you this link:

> i learn one thing in life what u learn pass it on 
> to someone who doesnt know... when i see someone who doesnt know i help 
> them the best i can "EVEN" if i dont knwo what the help is need for .. 

Before anyone can help you, we need to know what the problem is. Okay, so
Wine freezes your computer. Is there any error message shown? How much does
your operating system deviate from stock? Which packages did you use to
install which version of Wine? What else did you have running?

> funny thing in life workin things out by way of talkin and helppin the 
> person to talk thur it works so good .... but enough said the point has 
> been made al u r the man u r the god of linux u know all. iam just a mer 
> pee on and worthless to u for help in anyway ... ty u have made the 
> world of linux a nicer place to be for NOONE ... take care to those that 
> responed in the good side of things ty ur the ones who will win when the 
> day comes ty much to all poof
> ops sorry al thank you all goodbye < better> ????

Much. I'm no spelling or grammar nazi, but man... I mean, how does "thanks"
become "ty"? And on first reading I assumed when you said "al" you meant
"all". Also, if you hadn't translated that last line, I would have assumed
that the use of "poof" was name-calling. I'm still trying to figure out what
a "mer pee" is, but I suspect it's idomatic.
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