[Wine]Re: wine-20040914

Ivan Leo Puoti puoti at inwind.it
Sun Oct 10 17:18:23 CDT 2004

> I am convinced that the builder of the tarball for wine-20040914 have missed
some points 
> that render it unusable for mandrake 10. It might work well for RedHat or 
> other distros. So far I have not heard from anyone who was successful with mdk10.
For a start it's an RPM, not a tarball, the RPM has been reported to work by
quite lots people,  any packaging bug I've been told about has been fixed within
days if not hours (I'm a volunteer so I don't always have much time to dedicate
to wine), I test all RPMs on Mandrake 10.0 and 9.2 before releasing them, and if
you know about anything that isn't done properly, please says so, all feedback
is welcome.


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