[Wine]Setting default or startup directory for win32 program

Stefan Munz stefan.munz at itomig.de
Mon Oct 11 03:41:19 CDT 2004

Am Montag, 11. Oktober 2004 03:44 schrieb Matthew L Reed:
> I'm trying to run a program, hlds.exe, which is the windows half-life
> server. So far, the only way to get it to start is to use the windows
> program TotalCommander and start it from there (TotalCommander is a
> NortonCommander clone). In TC, it shows me a C: drive, and a Z: drive,
> where the Z: drive appears to be mapped to \
> If I try to start it from within Konqueror, or create a link on the
> desktop, it gives an error that basically means it's not in the correct
> directory. Does the concept of default directory apply here? If this was
> Windows, the problem would be that it's startup directory is wrong,
> although I created the link in the proper directory. So, I'm thinking that
> I just don't know how to specify the correct startup directory.
> So, my question is, how do I start a win32 app with wine and force/specify
> a startup directory?

maybe not exactly what you meant but it will do the job:
echo "cd /toMyWineDir/; wine myWinPrg.exe" > starthl.sh
chmod 755 starthl.sh

now you can start your app with ./starthl.sh or create a link on the desktop 
to the script.



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