[Wine]re:help from richard

richard richard.bown at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Oct 11 04:51:03 CDT 2004

TKD wrote:
> Considering you use mozilla-thunderbird 0.7. I suggest you try using the 
> spell check facility.
> It might make your message understandable, and why run Tbird with Wine.?
> Good luck with your new mailing list. BTW smoothwall is a firewall.
> Richard .......................................
> for ur info MT07 is on a diff os ok .. 2nd u prove what kind of folks 
> live on this board .. ones not needed .... 2nd smoothwall is a router 
> firewall software build under linux redhat based ... maybe u need to 
> learn a few things take care and if ther er emails sent to me form ur 
> own email addys u will be blocked

Well , what more can you say ?, maybe some one to one counselling
would help ?.
I still can not understand the method of writing, its sorta like the short hand used by radio hams 
using morse code. Also I understand English still to be the main language in New York, he can't be 
too far out of state as its a cable connection.


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