[Wine]Quicken 2004 Report windows

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Mon Oct 11 14:57:16 CDT 2004

M-Halo wrote:
>>Certainly, but it's at least a few hours to upgrade,
>>reconfigure, etc. wine and then Quicken. I don't
>>have 4-6 hours
> Hmmm...  it usually takes me about 1 hour to reinstall
> from scratch; maybe 1/2 hour more on an older machine.
>  I've found that at times, an upgrade will fix a lot
> of bugs for me.
> Oh well..  To each his/her own. ;)
> Hiji
    I beleive you, but I'm worried that a new install will overwrite my 
windows program directory or mess up the registry. In the past I've had 
people tell me that I need to reinstall Quicken. Is this not true? I can 
install a new Wine via RPM very quickly, or I can build from source in 
30-60 minutes. That's not a problem. The problem that I worry about is 
getting Wine to see the Quicken that's already there.


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