John Wildberger wildberger at cogeco.ca
Mon Oct 11 20:33:51 CDT 2004

I installed rpm with the following sequence of three commands:

[root]: 09:15 PM  [/home/john/Documents]
# rpm -iv wine-20040914-mdk.i586.rpm

[root]: 09:16 PM  [/home/john/Documents]
# exit

[john]: 09:18 PM  [~/Documents]
$ winhelp
wine: creating configuration directory '/home/john/.wine'...
wine: '/home/john/.wine' created successfully.

I cannot remember from what info source I got the information to use the 
command 'winhelp' in the last step. Can anyone refresh my memory, so that I 
can add this to my records for future use.
Also, is there an alternative way to create the ../.wine directory?

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