[Wine]Quicken 2004 Report windows

Stefan Munz stefan.munz at itomig.de
Tue Oct 12 02:42:03 CDT 2004


> Hi,
>     I beleive you, but I'm worried that a new install will overwrite my
> windows program directory or mess up the registry. In the past I've had
> people tell me that I need to reinstall Quicken. Is this not true? I can
> install a new Wine via RPM very quickly, or I can build from source in
> 30-60 minutes. That's not a problem. The problem that I worry about is
> getting Wine to see the Quicken that's already there.

I usually run more than one wine version, because it seems that some programs 
work better with older versions. each version is compiled from source in its 
own directory. there's no need to reinstall your apps. just set the 
environment variables to fit the desired wine version/dirs. 

but in your case, maybe providing the console output would be easier. are 
there any error messages/fixmes? 



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