Ben Prescott abend at ntlworld.com
Tue Oct 12 03:32:56 CDT 2004

> ok will all i can say is this for a newbie on linux there is no good 
> place to start ... to learn it . 2nd there is no good place to start
> to learn it 3rd and last there is no good oplace to learn it... iam

Yes, coming to linux/unix from the likes of windows is a steep
learning curve. Even getting help isn't obvious - I remember trying to
guess the help command, and definitely did not think of 'man'.

I gave up, until a number of years later, my employer sent me on some
unix courses. 



You can read it on line. I note you're using thunderbird, so assuming
you're using mozilla (firefox) internet browser, the website should

The book includes information such as 

- PC hardware
- the unix filesystem standard
- a chapter on C to cover the basics

Chapter 1, section 5

"I Get Frustrated with UNIX Documentation That I Don't Understand"

Good luck.

regards, Ben


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