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Tue Oct 12 10:03:24 CDT 2004

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 09:32:56 +0100, Ben Prescott <abend at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> > ok will all i can say is this for a newbie on linux there is no good
> > place to start ... to learn it . 2nd there is no good place to start
> > to learn it 3rd and last there is no good oplace to learn it... iam
> Yes, coming to linux/unix from the likes of windows is a steep
> learning curve. Even getting help isn't obvious - I remember trying to
> guess the help command, and definitely did not think of 'man'.
> I gave up, until a number of years later, my employer sent me on some
> unix courses.
> Try:
> http://www.icon.co.za/~psheer/book/
> You can read it on line. I note you're using thunderbird, so assuming
> you're using mozilla (firefox) internet browser, the website should
> work.
> The book includes information such as
> - PC hardware
> - the unix filesystem standard
> - a chapter on C to cover the basics
> Chapter 1, section 5
> "I Get Frustrated with UNIX Documentation That I Don't Understand"
> Good luck.
> regards, Ben
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I've been windoze free since Sept 26 2003, before that I played around
with linux, but found myself needing windoze apps, and i was adicted
to R6:Rogue Spear =),  My interest in linux over powered my need for
USER friendly apps, I got rid of my dual boot, and installed
Slackware, I chose slackware cause I wanted to get my hands dirty, its
more hands on then other distros, more source compiling, config
editing, and you dont have abunch of GUI's to do it for ya.. When you
gotta do 96% of everything by hand it helps you learn , When i ran
into a problem i would goto  linuxquestions.org  or justlinux.com it
seemed someone else would have same or almost same problem when i
searched the forums, which 99% of the time someone would answer there

I guess my point of the story is, best way to learn is figure it out
on your own, When you run into a problem, try to solve it, dont panic
and ask your neighbor to do it for ya ( i get that alot LOL) I dont
mind helping someone out when they help there self,  and dont take me
the wrong way, I not trying to flame anyone, I hate people who do
that, If you dont have something good to say, plz dun open your

Here is some great places to get help:
My site, me and my bro from another motha run it, Its really jus a few
friends hanging out, but anyones more then welcome to come join us,

Good luck ..
Support Free Speach , DROP AN ELBOW!!


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