[Wine]Re: Wine and Tapi32

Rein Klazes rklazes at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 13 05:05:42 CDT 2004

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 08:23:21 +0000, you wrote:

> Hi,
> I don't know if you can help but your e-mail address came up in a search for
> answers to a problemn I am having with Wine.
> I am using Suse9.1 and the latest release of wine. I am trying to run a
> program called Time&Chaos version 6 (demo available from
> www.chaossoftware.com).
> It installs fine but when trying to run I get the following error:
> err:module:import_dll No implementation for TAPI32.DLL.tapiGetLocationInfoA
> imported from L"Z:\\home\\bas\\.wine\\fake_windows\\Program Files\\Chaos
> Software\\Chaos 6\\chaos.exe", setting to 0xdeadbeef
> I found your e-mail address in relation to the Tapi32.dll and thought you
> might be able to assist. I have searched elsewhere but cannot find a solution
> and I'm not able to troubleshoot this myself.
> Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Yes, I may be able to help you. I maintain a patch, quite hacked and
tailored for using Girotel, my online banking program that uses tapi for
data communication with a telephone modem.

The latest patch (now with a couple of *A functions for time&chaos) can
be downloaded from

You need to compile from source of course. Apply the patch and rebuild
wine, starting with the ./configure.

Tell me how this goes.

I have cc' ed the wine users list. This may be interesting for more

Rein Klazes
rklazes at xs4all.nl

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