[Wine]Quicken 2004 Report windows

M-Halo masochisthalo at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 12:12:37 CDT 2004

> I installed yesterday from an RPM. When the RPM has
> completed it's 
> installation there is no .wine directory in any
> user's home directory. 
> How could there be since RPM doesn't know which
> users want or need one. 
> If doing the istallation from
> source does this automatically, then it does it 
> for you, but it doesn't do it for your 

I think you nailed it: there are differences between
installing via RPM vs. source.  I never install via
RPM; source just spits out all the directories and
files for me (my preference).  The only difference
I've noticed in the last six months are two: 1) the
drive path definitions got moved into softlinks and 2)
the registry format changed.


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