[Wine]Quicken 2004 Report windows

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Wed Oct 13 12:30:04 CDT 2004

Duane Clark wrote:
> Mark Knecht wrote:
>> This is WRT wine-20040914...
>> I installed yesterday from an RPM. When the RPM has completed it's 
>> installation there is no .wine directory in any user's home directory. 
>> How could there be since RPM doesn't know which users want or need 
>> one. I think this is proper system behaviour.
>> When I run a support program, like winecfg, if the .wine directory 
>> does not exist then it creates it. If I erase the .wine directory and 
>> run winecfg a second time it will create it a second time. However, 
>> running winecfg and creating the .wine directory NEVER creates 
>> .wine/config. I had to get a default copy from the 
>> documentation/samples directory. Please see 'man wine.conf'.
>> This seems pretty important to do since it says that Wine expects a 
>> config file to exist. If doing the istallation from source does this 
>> automatically, then it does it for you, but it doesn't do it for your 
>> wife/girlfriend/etc... They still need to do this by hand.
> You don't necessarily need the config file any more. There are plenty of 
> people using Wine without any config file at all. The documentation is, 
> as is often the case in the Linux universe, out of date.

OK, I have no reason to distrust you, but all I read here pixels 
pretending to be emails from the Wild West of the Internet. One 
gunslinger tells me do it this way. Another gunslinger tells me do it 
that way.

What's a user supposed to do? RTFM? I did. It's wrong? Bummer...

>> I noted yesterday that the default config file includes no definitions 
>> for Windows drives. I had to start adding those by hand.
> That won't do any good. Wine will ignore drive definitions in the config 
> file. Drives are now defined by symbolic links in ~/.wine/dosdevices.

OK, but running wine regedit did pay attention to what I was putting 
into .wine/config. If I added a definition then it showed up in browse 
dialogs and the like, so what am I supposed to do/trust/take for my 


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