[Wine]Quicken 2004 Report windows

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Wed Oct 13 14:02:54 CDT 2004

Duane Clark wrote:
> Mark Knecht wrote:
>>> Duane Clark wrote:
>>>> You don't necessarily need the config file any more. There are 
>>>> plenty of people using Wine without any config file at all. 
>> And just because there are 'pleanty of people using Wine without any 
>> config file at all' doesn't mean that a single one of them is able to 
>> install and run Quicken...
>> Just my 2 worthless cents...
> Well, unfortunately, probably no Wine developers have Quicken 2004. It 
> sounds like that is a problem new to this version of Quicken, since 
> people with older versions have claimed to not have the problem.

No, actually this problem has existed for quite  long time. I've seen it 
in ne form or another since Quicken 2001 and Wine circa 2002. However it 
was tolerable (for me) under earlier versions of Quicken,  but has 
worsend under the newest CXO release and Quicken 2004.

> I agree that nothing I have said will help you to get Quicken to work. 
> Without having the program on my machine, I doubt that I would be able 
> to debug the problem you are having. It may be possible that using a 
> Windows native DLL for whatever generates the reports might help. But I 
> have no idea what ones to suggest.

I need to learn to do this debug stuff and give you guys good info. 
Where can I learn how to at least ge the messages? Do they show up in a 
terminal if Wine is run from there? (Instead of the way we run it from 
CXO's installation...)

> As a completely wild guess, perhaps it uses the richedit DLL (I don't 
> know what the window looks like; it is just a formatted text window)? If 
> that, then you might be able to use a Windows native DLL. And this is a 
> case where you would create a config file and add something like (I 
> don't really know which riched line would be right):
> [AppDefaults\\quicken.exe\\DllOverrides]
> "riched" = "native,builtin"
> "riched20" = "native,builtin"
> "riched32" = "native,builtin"
> You would of course need the corresponding real Windows DLL in your 
> windows/system directory.

I'm happy and interested in trying. Let me look quickly for the files. I 
have many versions of Windows, but it's XP Pro on this machine. Are 
those versions OK? If not, then which verison?


- Mark

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