[Wine]wine & safedisc protection

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Sat Oct 16 12:10:31 CDT 2004


Soon I'm switching to amd64 platform (on Gentoo) and it means that the
present solution of running one legacy Folio infobase under win4lin will
become highly inconvenient requiring to have 32-bit kernel, i.e. kind of

The infobase is protected with safedisc 2.9.xm but I simply created cd image
with Alchohol 120% and run the image with daemon-tools which
(unfortunately) does not run under wine.

Since this is practically the only one application which keeps me bound in
using win32, I'm interested to know what is the situation regarding wine
providing support for installing safedisc-protected applications?

The only other alternative (besides wine & dual-boot :-( is costly vmware
which is, in my situation, an overkill - to have it for one application.

Any light?


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