[Wine]Microsoft Money 95

Paul pauldbourke at eircom.net
Sun Oct 17 07:34:28 CDT 2004

Ive helped my dad to change over to linux in the last while. The only problem 
is that hes used Microsoft money for the last ages. Ive tries to get it 
running under wine, and there shouldnt be much problem as its a windows 95 
program.. What happens though, is when i try to install it, all goes ok till 
it says, "checking for installed components..". From here it just wont go any 
further and i have to exit.
Does anyone know what might be wrong, or know of any faqs for installing 
Microsoft money? All i do is run the setup from the cd with 'wine SETUP.EXE'. 
is there any configurations that i might be missing?

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