[Wine]Which package to download

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Sun Oct 17 12:54:45 CDT 2004

Curtis Davis wrote:
> Hello I am new to the list, and recently began using Redhat Linux 9. I 
> am also a new WINE user, I went to the binaries page and there seemed to 
> be some many WINE binary packages, since I am new I did'nt know which 
> one to download. How would I know which binary package to download?
The Wine binary packages are categorized by distribution.

So the first thing you would want is to follow to the "RedHat packages" 

The second categorization is by date.

So you would want to look among the rpms for the most recent date 
heading-- in this case 20040914.

Thirdly, the filenames are as follows:


So you would want one of the wine-20040914-1*rh9*winehq.*.rpms, because 
you are using rh9, not fc1 or 2 (that's Fedora Core), or wbel (that's 
Whitebox Enterprise), nor rh73 or rh8 (that's RedHat 7.3 or 8).

There are 4 RPMs for RedHat 9:





The first one is optimized for Athlon processors. If you don't have one 
(but instead use a P4, for example), you don't want it, but if you have 
an AMD Athlon processor, you do.

The second one is for generic i386, which is any CPU, because it 
contains no optimizations nor advanced instruction sets (so no MMX, no 
SSE, no 3DNow, etc). Best to use if you don't know what to use, or 
you're installing on a very old or low end system (meaning a K6, an 
original Pentium, or a Cyrix).

The third one is for i686, which is all CPUs Pentium II and over. This 
includes optimizations for the advanced instructions these processors 
are capable of.

The final one is the source RPM, which is probably not what you want to 
use (since the source code that the src.rpm would install would have to 
be compiled).

Hope this helps.

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