[Wine]crash in cvs from 10/16

Dan McGhee farmerdan at i-rule.net
Sun Oct 17 15:20:33 CDT 2004

Rob Hughes wrote:

>Attached is the debug. I'm attempting to run ie6setup (don't ask). Any
>ideas are appreciated.
I've been "fussing" with IE6 for awhile.  From what I've done, I think 
that IE6 is probably installed on your wine system, but that it just 
won't run.  Check your .wine/drive_c/windows/Windows Update Setup Files/ 
to see if all the CAB's are there.  Also check 
.wine/drive_c/windows/system to see if ie6setup put all the appropriate 
dll's there.  I don't know what "all appropriate" means but it's a 
bunch.  I run IE6 with ole32, olepro32, oleaut32 and rpcrt4 all as native.

Currently, cvs updated Oct 13, I can't get IE6 to run at all.  Try running
<WINEDEBUG=+loaddll wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Internet\ 
Explorer/IEXPLORE.EXE> and see if IE6 exits after the WININET.DLL call.  
Then you will have replicated the same symptoms as I am currently having.

I see by the info you have provided that you are using Mike Hearn's 
script.  It works.  I think also that if you try to run his script on 
the September snapshot you'll find that IE6 works except for the Help.

I have posted to the wine developers list, but as of my response to this 
my info hasn't made it yet.  I hate to write more here because it will 
be just duplicating info.  But I will post here if my other e-mail 
doesn't make it.

Good luck.


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